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Brother suspects foreigner was linked to sister’s death


THE BROTHER of a Thai woman found hanged in Phuket is moving for an investigation after some suspicion arose while accusing her Canadian boyfriend of possibly being linked to her death, TV Channel 7 said today (Feb. 18).

The unidentified brother of Ms. Wanvisa, 31, who died last Wednesday Feb. 8 at a nail salon, had asked for assistance from the popular Sai Mai Tong Rod (Sai Mai Must Survive) Facebook page which helps people in trouble reach state authorities.

He related that his sister had known Mr. Landy (surname not mentioned), 51, for four to five months.

Last Sunday Feb. 5 she called him at 8 p.m. saying she had been physically assaulted and locked up in her room.

However she managed to escape at 10 p.m. and he advised that she report the matter to police but upon doing so only a daily report was filed.

Earlier on Feb. 3 she had told him that Landy had forced her to take a sleeping pill and when she woke up she read a message from him warning her that if told anyone about the abuse he would publish a compromising video clip of her overseas.

On Feb. 8 Wanvisa’s friend called him saying she had hanged herself by using curtains in the room. However he does not believe this to be true because his sister had two children to support and an ailing father to help take care of. Moreover there were wounds on the body which was only found five hours after her death.

The brother added that more importantly, Landy had offered 500,000 baht to end legal proceedings.

Sai Mai Tong Rod Facebook page operators said they will take him to see Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, whose nickname is Big Joke, to ask for help.


Pixelated image of Wanvisa’s brother, left, and one of Sai Mai Thong Road Facebook page operators, right. Photo: TV Channel 7

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