Rush to disinfect downtown condo after co-owner contracts Covid-19

A POPULAR condominium in the Sathorn-Tha Phra area is moving quickly to thoroughly clean and disinfect the building after one of the co-owners tested positive for Covid-19, Amarin TV reported this evening (Dec.12, 2020).

The building’s management asked all co-owners and residents to check their temperature and observe their symptoms for 14 days.

A Department of Disease Control official met the management and informed them that one of the co-owners who had gone to a hospital for a physical examination tested positive for this deadly disease on Thursday December 10.

This person is now being treated at the hospital and everyone in this building should wear face masks, the official said, adding another occupant of the same unit had already been quarantined.

The management checked the surveillance camera clips taken during December 1-10 which showed that the infected co-owner had passed through the lobby A reception hall, used the elevators and picked up a parcel from the counter.

The management also told everyone residing in this building that they may not use the common area on the seventh floor until further notice. 

The whole building is being disinfected tomorrow and all contact points such as elevators, parking lot, lobby and the corridor on the 15th floor will be regularly disinfected, they said.

The building’s staff members had their temperature checked and no one had a fever, they added.


Top: A view of Sathorn area from the south. Photo: Timo Kozlowski (CC BY 2.0)


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