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Conwoman nabbed after gambling away swindled gold

A THAI woman who swindled a gold shop in Rayong province out of 20 baht weight gold ornaments worth 570,000 baht which was then sold and the cash used to gamble at casinos in a neighbouring country was arrested after slipping back to Thailand via a natural route last evening, Amarin TV reported this afternoon (Dec. 12, 2020)

Police from Khlong Luk station at Aranyaprathet district, Sa Kaeo province, arrested Ms. Pitchapa Kharonrong, 46, just as she reached Thai territory and sent her to Rayong province where she faces a fraud case.

According to Supatra gold shop, located at a shopping mall in Rayong’s Klaeng district, the suspect had tricked them when she came in to buy a large amount of gold on October 22 this year.

After selecting two gold chains, one weighing ten baht and the other two baht, and two bracelets, one weighing five baht and the other three baht, she signed a cheque to pay the 570,000 baht bill.

Upon being shown by an app on her mobile phone that the money had been successfully transferred, the gold was handed over and Pitchapa left.

The gold shop owner, Mrs. Supatra Phuekpraphan, only realized she had been swindled after trying to withdraw money by ATM and being informed no transfer had been made.

When Supatra found out that the trickster had been arrested she came to the police station to question and scold her.

The arrested woman apologized for the swindle. She revealed that she had sold the gold at a shop in Ngamwongwan area of Bangkok, and upon getting the money went gambling at casinos in a neighbouring country, getting there by natural trail. 

She lived with her Korean husband near a casino until her money ran out and then crossed back to Thailand but was caught by police at the end of the natural route.


The suspect Pitchapa  and the gold shop she swindled. Photos: Amarin TV

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