Timeline of Bangkok coronavirus spreaders

OF THE six new Covid-19 cases of women sneaking back to Thailand from Tachileik district in Myanmar three of them flew to Bangkok with one moving around in the capital before her illness was detected, reported this afternoon (Dec. 2, 2020).

The Public Health Ministry today confirmed these six new coronavirus cases with all having slipped back to Thailand at Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai province.

The following is the timeline of the movements of these six new patients:

A 21-year-old woman residing in Bangkok:

–  Nov. 17-27: Stayed at 1G1 Hotel in Tachileik;

– Nov. 28:

–  5 a.m.: Sneaked back to Thailand via a natural route together with a woman from Phichit province;

– 6 a.m.: Took a motorcycle taxi to a hotel in Mae Sai district (started having fever, sore throat and runny nose); 

–  Took a rideshare to Chiang Rai airport; 

– 1.40 a.m.: Flew on flight DD8717 to Don Mueang airport;

– 5 p.m. : Took a taxi to condo in Udomsuk area;

Nov. 29

– 4.30 p.m.: went to a clinic but the doctor said to go to a hospital;

– 5 p.m.: went in a private car driven by boyfriend to a private hospital where a test confirmed Covid-19 infection.

A 28-year-old woman residing in Phayao province:

She returned from Tachileik to Mae Sai, toured around Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai before testing positive in Phayao province.

A 25-year-old woman residing in Phichit province:

– Nov. 17-27: Stayed at 1G1 Hotel in Tachileik;

Nov. 28:

– 5 a.m.: Slipped back to Thailand through a natural channel;

– 6 a.m.: Took a motorcycle taxi to an accommodation in Mae Sai district (started having fever, sore throat and runny nose).

– Took a rideshare to Chiang Rai airport;

– 1.40 p.m.: Flew by flight number DD8717 to Don Mueang airport;

– 3 p.m.: Took connecting flight Phitsanulok province where a friend picked her up and drove her to Phichit province;

– Ate at Bird Bar, Phichit province, with four friends without wearing face masks.

Nov. 29:

–  In the morning, ate noodles near the accommodation;

– In the evening, went to Bird Bar and then Crocodile Rock.

Nov. 30:

– Got a manicure;

– ordered lunch delivered; 

–  In the evening, went to Bird Bar and then Crocodile Rock.

Dec. 1

– Tested positive for coronavirus at Phichit Provincial Public Health Office.

A 36-year-old woman residing in Ratchaburi province: 

– Nov. 3-28: in Myanmar

– Nov. 23-24: went to the 1G1 party at a pub in 1G1 hotel. Met someone who is infected there;

– Nov. 26:  began coughing, had a runny nose, sore throat and muscle pain, bought and took over- the-counter medicine; 

Nov. 29:

– Returned to Thailand via natural channel with Myanmar people acting as guide;

– Went in a friend’s car to Chiang Mai airport with neither of them wearing face masks during the ride;

–  10.40 a.m. Boarded the Thai Lion Air flight to Don Mueang; 

– Noon : Took a taxi to Mor Chit;

– Took a van from Mor Chit to Big C Ratchaburi;

– Took a motorcycle taxi in front of Big C Ratchaburi to a private hospital.

Dec. 1:

–  Moved to Ratchaburi Hospital after hearing the news that a friend at the 1G1 party has got infected; 

Dec. 2:

– Tested positive for coronavirus.

Two additional cases in Chiang Mai:

Two more women, one 23 years old and the other 25, tested positive for Covid-19 today. They are not linked to patient number 42, the first case from this group of women who got infected in Tachileik, but did work in the same place there.

The two women have no symptoms and sneaked back from Myanmar Nov. 26. They claimed that they stayed at a friend’s house after their return and did not go out anywhere.


Top: A deadly virus. Photo: Robert Couse-Baker(CC BY 2.0)


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