180 Thai women work at Tachileik hotel, 64 more sick

EVEN AS the security forces beefed up the Thai-Myanmar border at Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai province, the manager of a Tachileik hotel from where 10 infected Thai women sneaked across the border over the past week and exposed hundreds of people to Covid-19 sent word that 180 more Thai women are currently work working there, this morning (Dec. 3, 2020).

Authorities urged Thais stranded at this Myanmar border town to return via normal channels and undergo a Covid-19 test to prevent the spread of the deadly disease amid reports that 15 more Thais fell sick there yesterday taking the two-day total to 64.

Maj. Gen. Narit Thavornwong, commander of the Pha Muang Task Force, held a meeting at Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge border checkpoint yesterday where he coordinated with all units to enforce tighter border control with 80 more men sent to patrol this stretch of the border all 24 hours.

He urged Thais to cross the border via normal channels leading to some of them starting to do so.

Meanwhile Dr. Thotthep Bunthong, a doctor of Chiang Rai’s Public Health Office, said the provincial Communicable Diseases Committee had sent word across the border that those who return via regular channels will be taken good care of and will be checked for coronavirus infection. This led to  31 Thais crossing over via official channels yesterday with 17 more saying they would do so.

He added that the officials are not mentioning any legal action they might face to prevent them from sneaking across the border and spreading this infection in Thailand.

He was notified by the manager of 1G1 hotel in Tachileik that there are 180 Thai women working at his establishment at present.

Meanwhile Thai Lion Air said all those who travelled on its SL 533 flight on November 29 together with the crew and ground staff who came into contact with a Covid-19 infected Thai woman passenger have started the 14-day self-quarantine to watch for any signs of this deadly disease.

The airplane too has been sprayed and sterilized as well as cleaned with disinfectant according to safety standards.


Top: A sinister sign at Myanmar’s Tachileik town which attracts the attention of tourists. Photo: Shenli Leong (CC BY 2.0)


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