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Students return their uniforms to the ministry

AFTER some students at several Thai schools showed up wearing casual clothes and not their uniforms this morning (Dec. 1), they went to the Education Ministry this evening and hung up some uniform shirts, pants, skirts and school bags at both the gates, Siam Rath newspaper reported.

The activity this evening, arranged by the “bad students” group and called a movement, saw some student leaders giving speeches on finding ways to prevent and resolve violation of student rights.

A cloth banner was also hung up with the message, “school uniform is not safe.”

Several comments were written on it, such as, “easy to be sexually harassed and violated,” “instead of teaching students how to dress why not teach them to respect the opposite sex and others in the society,” “expensive and wasteful,” and “uniform determines gender and draws a line on the freedom of they want to be.”


Some of the school uniforms hung up at the Education Ministry’s two gates. Photos: Siam Rath

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