Germany wants to grow out of crisis ‘with full strength’ next year

By Reuters staff, published by US News

Berlin: Germany is mobilising huge sums of money to soften the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and hopes the economy will emerge from the crisis with full strength in 2021, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said today (Nov. 27, 2020).

“Our goal is to overcome this pandemic and grow out of it with full strength next year,” Scholz told a virtual news conference.

Germany is to expand coronavirus aid for companies and help will amount to 4.5 billion euros a week in December, the economy and finance ministries said in a joint statement today.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said the pandemic would affect the country and the economy for some time to come.

“Cohesion and solidarity are hence the imperative of the hour,” he said in a statement. “We will not leave our companies and their employees alone at this difficult time.”
Top: German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz holds a joint news conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel after a virtual G20 summit meeting, at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, November 22, 2020. File photo: Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke and published by US News

(Reporting by Joseph Nasr and Paul Carrel; Writing by Caroline Copley; Editing by Thomas Seythal)

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