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Leader of mob who attacked student close to minister

THE man who threw a loudspeaker at a female student during a confrontation at Ramkhamhaeng University between the student demonstrators and yellow-shirt royalists yesterday has been identified in a photo together with a minister, Sanook.com reported this morning (October 22, 2020).

The melee at the university occurred after both groups held rallies there at around the same time with police having set up a barrier separating them.  However the yellow-shirt royalists pushed their way through to the other side leading to the student demonstrators later leaving the campus and holding their rally in front of Hua Mak police station.

A video clip clearly showed the man who moved to the student vehicle and picked up a loudspeaker and threw it at Nong Bam, 18, who was at that time saying over the microphone that her group of demonstrators did not want to overthrow the monarchy.

Nong Bam’s left foot got badly injured and she has filed a police complaint against her attacker.

Netizen was later discovered the attacker who was clearly visible in the video clip is Mr. Thosaphon Manoonrat, the leader of the Vocational Group to Help the Nation, as it is comparable with pictures he took with Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan.

This prompted former deputy prime minister Chaturon Chaisang to make the following comment via his private Twitter account @chaturon:

“When the person who brings his followers to attack the students is close to a minister, it is now over Prayut, you don’t have to make a statement about violence, because your group has always been a part of violence. #Mob 21 October “


Top: A composite photo showing Nong Bam’s bandaged foot ,right, and her attacker getting ready to fling the loudspeaker at her, left. Thai headline says, “Using a loudspeaker to bash a youngster.” Photo: Sanook.com



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