Frantic Covid-19 testing in Mae Sot after infected Thai crosses over from Myanmar

FEAR gripped Mae Sot town on the border with Myanmar after a Thai businessman who crossed over today (Oct. 8) tested positive for coronavirus with doctors and officials frantically testing cargo vehicle drivers coming over the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, reported.

The Thai businessman was only found to be infected with this deadly infection after a second test was performed. He has been admitted to Somdej Phrachao Taksin Maharat Hospital for treatment.

Dr. Nattakarn Chomphan, head of epidemiology, Mae Sot Hospital, led a medical team to test Myanmar drivers bringing cargo vehicles across the border near the bridge. They are working proactively with a Myanmar medical unit on the other side of the border to test travellers going either way.

Thai officials manning the checkpoint too were actively bringing travellers to the medical team and so far 60 of them have been tested today.

Mae Sot district chief Mr. Chaiprik Chiantanarak urged Thais crossing back to their country, including those who had gone across the border illegally, to cooperate with the authorities and get themselves tested for coronavirus to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. The fines for illegal crossing on both Thai and Myanmar side do not add up to more than 1,500 baht.


 Top: Thai medical unit working near the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge. Thai headline says, “serious testing.” Photo:

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