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Stressed out ‘Spiderwoman’ climbs up police cell

A STRESSED OUT woman who had been arrested on a weapon possession charge climbed up to the top of a three-metre-high police cell and only came down after her mother was brought in to gently coax her, Thai Rath newspaper reported today (Oct. 8, 2020).

There was panic at Suthisarn police station at 10 a.m. this morning when Ms. Ployphatcha (surname withheld), 37, climbed to the top of the cell and stayed suspended there.

Police spent half an hour persuading her to come down but without success. They then called her mother in, who succeeded in getting her daughter to climb down to the cell floor.

The suspect had been arrested at 4 a.m. this morning right in front of  this police station after some officers became suspicious of the car she was in. They found a 9mm handgun, six bullets and a holster on the back seat so arrested her and locked her up in a cell.

Police have yet to find out where this woman got her weapon from, having only gleaned that she works in Pattaya

Mr. Yothawat Tharopkarn, a lawyer at this police station, said in cajoling the suspect to come down from the cell ceiling  the officers offered her food and water but without any success.

After she finally came down they handcuffed her to a cell bar to prevent her from climbing up to the ceiling again.


Top: The suspect standing against the ceiling after climbing up the three-metre- high police cell this morning. Photo: Thai Rath


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