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Motorcyclist returns forgotten handbag with cash, jewellery to shopper

A WOMAN who left her handbag containing cash, gold and diamond jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of baht in the trolley at a hypermarket got it all back from the finder, an unidentified motorcyclist she forgot to reward, Amarin TV reported this morning (Oct. 8, 2020).

The lost-and-found incident occurred at a Big C store in Phetchabun province yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Pannataporn Kaysaythong, 65, relating that just as she was loading her shopping into her car, her daughter called saying there were visitors waiting to see her at home.

Around 15 minutes after driving home, she glanced at the front passenger seat where she normally places her handbag and realized she had left it behind.

Within was a sum of cash she had withdrawn to pay her grandchildren’s school fees, a four baht weight gold necklace and an amulet set in a gold frame and surrounded by diamonds. The total value is several hundred thousand baht.

Upon reaching the parking lot, she saw a young man standing next to the trolley where she had left her handbag together with a store worker.

She quickly identified herself and was thrilled at getting her valuables back, but in the excitement forgot to reward the Good Samaritan. She urged the young man to contact her so that she could both thank him again and  give him a reward.

Mrs. Ratchanikorn Boonkawin, 52, the chief maid at the hypermarket said she was collecting trolleys in the car park when the young man beckoned her. Upon seeing that a handbag had been left behind she called her supervisor, however the owner showed up, identified herself, and after a photo was taken, left with her handbag while the kind motorcyclist got on his bike and rode off.


Top: The lucky woman who got her handbag with lots of valuables in it back yesterday. Thai headline says, “Society has not lost all good people.” Photos: Amarin TV



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