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Big hunt for meteorites in Chiang Mai

VILLAGERS at Chiang Mai’s Mae Suek subdistrict are happily searching for meteorites today (Sept. 25) after rumours of some of them having found and secretly kept a football-size one last month was confirmed to be true, Khaosod newspaper reported.

Mr. Inthara Nuknaen, Mae Suk subdistrict chief, revealed that some villagers did find a large meteorite on the night of August 9 when strange lights flashed across the sky, which prompted them to go look around. However while they tried to keep it a secret, rumours spread that they had found something valuable, eventually leading to the group revealing their find.

This triggered a rush for meteorites today, which finders are keeping in bottles as they think it might be valuable.

Those who have inspected them say the stones appear to have been burnt with heat till melting point and then cooling down.

However Mae Chaem district chief Boonlue Thammathanurak has sent his officials to go to this area and check the facts and bring the strange stones back for inspection by relevant agencies.


Villagers hunting for meteorites, above, and some pieces they found today, below. Photos: Khaosod


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