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PM denies lobbying for constitution amendment delay

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (Sept. 25) denied lobbying MPs and senators to delay constitution amendments after fait accompli last night when the joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament voted to set up a committee to scrutinize the six motions that had been debated over the past two days with voting to take place in a month’s time, INN News reported.

Gen. Prayut said the first day of debate at the joint session went well but conflicts arose on the second day while denying giving any orders on these key changes.

The Prime Minister added that it takes time to consider charter amendments while also asking who he could lobby or order when the senators have their honour and dignity.

He also pointed out that of the 250 senators, 50 were chosen by the people while 200 were chosen from those who had good standing and work experience in both the public and private sectors.

Regarding the Free Youth group having called for a strike on October 14, the Prime Minister said he does not have to give any instructions on this issue because everyone has the right to think and act according to the democratic process but they have to stay within the law.

However he asked with Thailand currently hit by many problems, including economic and social issues as well as the coronavirus pandemic, is it suitable to mount this sort of a protest, with who is it being for and who would benefit. This is what he wants Thais across the country to think over.

The Prime Minister also said although several demonstrations had taken place, he did not want even one of them to have occurred as he did not want people to make the country unsafe, but this sort of a thing tends to happen every October with there being incitement.

He also said that history is history and we should use the good part and avoid repeating the bad part. We learn from history, like the two world wars.


Top:  Prime Minister Prayut talking to the press today. Photo: INN News


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