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Army moving to get 60 more Stryker vehicles

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE THAI ARMY has planned to procure 60 more Stryker infantry carrier vehicles in order to make a total of 130 under deployment by a future Light Mechanized Infantry regiment.

The 112th Infantry Regiment currently deploys 70 US-built Stryker infantry carrier vehicles and planned to procure 60 more in effort to turn itself into a Light Mechanized Infantry regiment, according to an army officer.

The 112th Infantry Regiment is part of the 11th Infantry Division based in Chachoengsao province.

Despite their being secondhand hardware provided under the US Foreign Military Sale programme, the 70 Stryker infantry carrier vehicles remain in upgraded, maneuverable conditions.

The 112th Infantry Regiment conducted a one-week exercise with 20 Stryker vehicles in Sriracha area of Chonburi province last month.

The procurement of the additional 60 Stryker vehicles was initially planned for the approaching fiscal 2021 but has been delayed probably until the next fiscal year.

The plans for weapon systems procurement by the army, navy and air force have been finally delayed for fiscal 2021 due in large part to the pandemic situation.


Top:  A Stryker vehicle being offloaded from a cargo ship. Photo: Pfc. Denice Lopez and published by Defence Blog



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