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Mob gathers at Parliament to push for constitution amendment

WITH the joint Senate and House of Representatives session to vote on six constitution amendment motions today (Sept. 24), the Free Youth group and their allies flocked to the Parliament building in to pile on the pressure for key constitution change, INN News reported.

Aside from the Free Youth group, other demonstrators were from Thammasat Alliance, iLaw, the legal watchdog NGO, the Bad Students group, and the Campaign Movement to Draft a New People’s Constitution.

Leaders of the demonstrators were to start giving speeches at 4 p.m. mainly focusing on amending the constitution and criticizing the Senate.

However police said the protesters have confirmed no matter what the outcome of this key parliamentary debate would be they would end their rally by 11 p.m. tonight.

Even so, police have mounted strong security at Parliament building with five companies taking full control of the area.

Initially traffic is still being allowed to flow normally because an area in front of Parliament had been demarcated for the demonstrators. However if the crowd swells up and spills on to the road, then one traffic lane would be closed at a time.

Police have also stationed three speed boats near the Parliament just in case it becomes necessary to evacuate those trapped within. Six navy ships are also close by this area.

Two high-pressure water spraying vehicles have been brought in for use if need be also two other police vehicles used to transport suspects. A first aid station has been set up.


Protesters in front of the Parliament building today. Photos:  INN News

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