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PM confirms Predee quit due to bad health, urges public to not worry

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-o-cha today (Sept. 2) confirmed that Mr. Predee Daochai, former finance minister, had resigned because he had suffered a stoke and was having a relapse and was recommended by the doctors to rest, Sanook.com reported.

Gen. Prayut underscored that the government can still function because a system is in place to maintain it with Deputy Finance Minister Santi Promphat currently overseeing the economy.

He urged the public to not worry because despite a lack of a finance minister the deputy finance minister and government officials are working and he himself is overseeing all issues.

Gen. Prayut stressed that it is important to not say anything damaging and to think of the nation before doing so.

He also urged people to not stick to the individual too much as he as the head of the government can supervise everything.

In a message to other countries, Prime Minister Prayut said Thailand continues to move forward in all dimension just as before.

Asked by reporters when the new finance minister will be appointed, Gen. Prayut replied when the time is right. Reporters noticed that he had a serious expression throughout this interview.

Meanwhile opposition chief whip Sutin Klangsang, Pheu Thai Party MP from Maha Sarakham, said the resignation of Predee as finance minister is a rare phenomenon and there must be something huge for him to have done so, Siam Rath newspaper reported.

He added that he did not believe Predee resigned over the reshuffle of government officials but due to a slump in economic figures. This resignation has shaken the morale and investment and consumption confidence and it is big issue on how to get this to bounce back.

Sutin added that it is not easy to find a new person for this position and is of the opinion that someone from the Si Kumarn faction would return, but it might not be former finance minister Uttama Savanayana who does so.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut giving an interview at Government House today. Thai headline says, “Government continues to move forward.” Photo: Sanook.com


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