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PM’s twin daughters take action over defamation

PRIME MINISTER and Defence Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s twin daughters, Tanya and Nittha, sent a lawyer to report for prosecution of individuals and groups that have spread false information and defamed them at Nang Loeng police station this afternoon (Sept.2) , Khaosod newspaper reported.

Mr. Apiwat Khantong, an assistant to the defense minister, was met by Pol. Maj. Gen. Samrueng Suanthong, head of Metropolitan Police Division 1, at the station where he reported the incident that occurred on August 23 when a hashtaged message, “Find the Prime Minister’s daughters, demand to inspect accounts of their assets,” had spread online, particularly on Twitter, with a false claim that they were doing business overseas.

Apiwat that individuals, legal entities and various online media, and particularly Twitter, had shared or allowed the sharing of false information which led to negative comments and is an offense under both the criminal law and the Computer Crime Act.

Regarding politicians who might have shared the post, Apiwat said it is up to the police to determine whether they had contributed to this offense or not. However his two clients are determined to follow through with the case to the end and will not compromise to set an example for the future.

He added that the Prime Minister is not involved in this case nor did he give any instructions.

Tanya and Nittha clarified 10 accusations against them as follows:

– They have not changed their surname to their mother’s maiden name to escape money laundering case against their father. They have been using the same names since birth.

– They are living normally in Thailand and have not moved overseas as alleged.

– They have never studied in Australia as claimed, having only visited the country when they were young.

– They confirmed they have not studied abroad. After completing school here they both got a bachelor’s degree from Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Communication Arts.

– They did not fail in getting a master’s degree as they never studied nor sat for an exam for this degree.

– They have not lived in a mansion in England purchased by a magnate or any other country. In 2015 they did visit UK as tourists and stayed at an ordinary hotel.

– They have not hidden their father’s money in overseas accounts, confirming that they do not have any such accounts.

– Their father has not transferred money to their accounts to launder it. They mentioned that their father did transfer money in 2013, and this was shown to the authorities when he became prime minister in 2014, with this being proceeds from the sale of land owned by their grandfather, Col. Praphat Chan-o-cha, that was divided among his offspring.

– That their photos have not appeared online is because they are not active on social media to prevent impersonation.

– The reason they have live anonymously is because they did not want to receive privileges or any benefits related to their father.


Prime Minister Prayut’s twin daughters, Tanya and Nittha. Photo: Khaosod


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