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Nails found stuffed in claws of pricey prawns

A FACEBOOK member posted a warning about a scam at seafood markets after finding four nails embedded in the claws of seven prawns he had bought for 1,900 baht, Sanook.com reported this afternoon (August 25, 2020).

In this post the shopper said the following: “”Warning! Be careful of the nails in prawn’s claws. They are so desperate to make prawns heavier that they are putting nails in them. Today I went to the (name withheld) market, repeat it’s (name withheld) market, and bought seven prawns for 950 baht a kilogramme. I paid 1,900 baht for two kilogrammes and got four free nails. In wanting to make the prawns heavier they have even resorted to stuffing nails in them.”

The swindled shopper shared photos of the prawns that had not been grilled with nails in their claws and said he is not certain whether the vendor or the fishermen had stuffed them in.

This post attracted a lot of attention with many netizens voicing their opinions. The majority said regardless of who did this the vendor has to take responsibility in having bought the prawns from another party.


Top: The cheated shopper shows the nails pulled out from prawns about to be grilled. Thai headline says, “Four nails are the free gift.” Photo: Sanook.com

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