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Gunman in Rama 3 gambling den shootout ‘ready to surrender’

THE MAN who shot dead the killer of a policeman gambling at a Rama 3 road den earlier this week has contacted police and is willing to surrender and hand over the pistol used in the killing, sources told Sanook.com reporters today (August 6, 2020).

Identified as Mr. Boy Ban Krua, which is his nickname in the gambling network , he has said that it was a defensive shot because Mr. Thaworn Siwarn, 51, who shot dead Pol. Maj. Watthaset Samnieangprasert, or Inspector Max.,  based at Samae Dam police station, and two other persons that night was firing all around and if he had not killed him more would have died.

Police sources said this is consistent with the examination of the trajectory of the shots which were going all over the place.

Police are now investigating whether any more people were involved in the shootout.

Meanwhile Pol. Lt. Phukphong Phongpetra, head of Metropolitan Police, admits that the shophouse in Rama 3 road soi 66 was run as a gambling den after photos were posted on the “Red Skull Forever” page showing several CCTV cameras and men clearing out paraphernalia from the room where the shootout occurred.

The photos show that these men came with a ladder and a drill and where lifting a chair even as the four dead bodies were still lying around.

These photos had triggered heavy online criticism because police had earlier said there were no surveillance cameras around.

Pol. Lt. Phukphong  added that he has ordered his team to track down those who removed the cameras and other paraphernalia from the gambling den because they destroyed evidence.

Police already have clues as to who they were but are in the process of gathering evidence before asking the court to issue arrest warrants.


Top: One of the photos posted on the Red Skull Forever page showing men removing the surveillance cameras at the gambling den soon after the shootout. Thai headline says, “very quickly removing the cameras.”Photo: Sanook.com


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