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Anti-government rally on the sidewalk at Democracy Monument

ANOTHER rally took place on the sidewalk at the Democracy Monument this evening (July 25) after police had barricaded the road to prevent the demonstrators from spilling over and blocking the traffic with this group backing that three demands that the Free Youth group had earlier voiced, Thai Rath newspaper and INN News report.

At the Seri Thai Plus group’s rally, which started at 6.30 p.m. and attracted people from all walks of life, the organizers declared their standpoint of supporting the Free Youth group’s demands that Parliament be dissolved, the government stop intimidating the people and a new constitution be drafted.

This group also called on the government and all those concerned to support the amendments to the laws so that people of all genders can legally marry.

They also urged participants to buy goods and food from nearby Khao San road so as to stimulate the economy.

Police from Samranrat station had earlier placed steel panels and traffic cones on the road in front McDonald’s outlet at  the Democracy Monument in order to stop the demonstrators from moving on to the road which would be dangerous for them and would affect the traffic.

The rally organizers had brought their materials such as drums, posters and puppets well before the event started.

In addition to this activity in Bangkok others were also held at some provinces including Chiang Rai, Phayao and Samut Prakarn.


Top: Police unloading some traffic cones near Democracy Monument late afternoon. Photo: INN News

Below: People starting to assemble on the sidewalk for this evening’s rally. Photo: INN News

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