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American charged with defrauding Thai investor

ARRESTED and charged with swindling a Thai investor is an American man who was tracked down to a hotel in Watthana district where he was hiding, INN News reported today (July 22, 2020).

Pol.Lt.Gen. Sompong Chingduong, head of the Immigration Bureau, together with officers from the Special Crime Operation Sub-division told the Press that the foreign suspect, only identified as  Mr. Mathew, 37, was charged with using the ploy of setting up a company to build an interesting new application to induce a Thai investor into transferring 300,000 baht for this purpose.

The defrauded Thai investor later told Lumpini police that the suspect had convinced him into investing in a company that would build a job and condo search app.

However after he transferred 300,000 baht, this new company was not set up. Upon being asked why this was not done as promised, the suspect said that the money had been invested in a pornography website instead, after which he disappeared.

Police had got an arrest warrant from the Southern Bangkok District Court before capturing the suspect at the hotel he was holed up in.


Top: Police officers use a chart to show how they apprehended the suspect. Photo: INN News


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