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Online gambling den raided, officials among punters

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

POLICE RAIDED a suspected online gambling den in disguise of a website designing firm in downtown Hua Hin yesterday.

At the shophouse-turned-gambling den, the police rounded up nine suspected online gamblers and seized 66 computers allegedly used in the illegal business.

The website designing firm named Richidea has been merely used as a front for online betting via http://www.mafia.com which allegedly has had 43 associated websites.

Given search warrants from court, the police conducted search at four other places suspected to be run under an online gambling network which was believed to circulate hundreds of millions of baht in a month.

Some government personnel who were among the suspected gamblers had allegedly embezzled money from a government agency to spend on betting games online, the police said.


Top: Dices on computer keyboard in online gambling concept. Photo: iStockphoto / Andrey Popov shared by Kanijoman


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