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Daughter shocked to find dad dead with unknown woman

A 70-YEAR-OLD man and a younger woman were found to have committed suicide together in a rented room in Chon Buri city this morning (June 26) and the man’s daughter told police she does not know who this woman is nor does she dare tell her mother what has happened, Sanook.com reported.

Pol Capt Natthirut Chotithanaisit, deputy inspector at Chon Buri police station, said the two of them committed suicide in a rented room at a single-storey building which has a row of five such rooms.

On the bed was an unidentified woman of unknown age lying supine with her body covered with a blanket and in the bathroom Mr Sompong was found hanged from the ventilator having used a strip of curtain fabric to do so.

On the side table by the bed was a handwritten note which the woman, who called herself Omm, had scribbled and this said the following:

“Tell my friends to sell the things in the room to repay debts, including the gold. Last night we discussed this and wherever we go, we must go together.

“This is because creditors will follow to attack, owe several hundred thousand baht, dad helped pay hundreds of thousands and it’s not enough.  Therefore we discussed what to do, and Omm told dad that there is no other way, it must be like this. I am allowing dad to follow me so that he won’t be insulted. Dad did not want to do this at all, but I told him it will soon be daylight and it would be difficult to do it then.”

She had added a post script, “Don’t forget to pay the rent out of the money obtained from selling the belongings, please help out, there is no one else.”

Sompong’s daughter, Ms  Vannapha, 37, said in tears her dad usually stayed at home and was still living with her mother and their family.

She added that she did not know who the woman who called herself Omm in the note was as her dad had never mentioned her or any debts that had been accumulated.

She also said that she did not dare tell her mother that dad was dead as she might not be able to handle it.

Police initially think that the two of them were having a secret affair and had piled up large amounts of debts and could not find a way out. Sompong seems to have given Omm something to swallow as there was a trace of white powder on the glass before hanging himself.

Their bodies have been sent for autopsy.


Top: The note that Omm wrote, Thai headline asks, “who is dad dead with?” Photo:  Sanook.com


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