Khao Yai reopening on July 1, but only 5,000 visitors a day

THE popular Khao Yai National Park is gearing up to reopen again on July 1 after closure to tourism to prevent the spread of coronavirus but officials are still being very careful and limiting the number of tourists to only 5,000 a day, PostToday reported this afternoon (June 26, 2020).

The number of officials has been increased to take good care of the tourists on various routes including Lam Takhong and  Pha Kluay Mai camping sites where they can get close to nature and stay overnight.

All officials and tourists have to strictly follow the screening procedure, chiefly scanning the Thai Chana QR code or registering their name, temperature check, wearing masks, which if they do not entry will be forbidden.

Driving speed is also limited to 30 to 60 kilometres an hour because wild animals are still not used to vehicles.

As the number of visitors is limited to 5,000 a day, those who fear driving there and not being allowed in may book entry at QueQ application. They should search for Khao Yai within this app and register their name, phone number and state how many people are accompanying them.

The number of people at the camping ground has also been reduced to one-third of the normal capacity. Lam Takhong will accommodate 800 people while the Pha Kluay Mai 700. Ropes were used to demarcate 4 by 4 metres space per tent and strict hygiene measures are in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Those who just want to pay respect to the Khao Yai Shine should park their vehicles at the entrance and go through the screening point. This category of visitors are not counted among those spending the night at the park.


Khao Yai in all its beauty. Photos: PostToday


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