Grounded and masked plane being turned into a restaurant

ATTRACTING a lot of attention is a masked decommissioned Airbus 330-300 parked off Mittraphab road in Nakhon Ratchasima province with the owner renovating the interior to turn it into a coffee shop and restaurant, PostToday reported this morning (June 17, 2020).

Mr Sirikorn  Phimpharat, 33, manager of Airways Land Sida shop, in this northeastern province’s Sida district, said the aircraft, which is currently parked in the middle of a rice field, is being modified to create a new tourist attraction. Once completed tourists could board to plane to enjoy refreshments or a full meal.

That the aircraft now spots a mask is both to attract visitors to stop by and take photos and to underscore the importance of wearing these masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection.

Once fully renovated by year-end this Airbus will be opened for tourists to go in and have food and drinks in a simulated atmosphere that would make them feel as if they were really flying.

The plane will be divided into two parts, coffee shop and restaurant, with both being linked.

There will also be a building with an airport gate for visitors to go through and once aboard there will be receptionists dressed like air hostesses to welcome them.

Nakhon Ratchisima, also known as Korat and is where Khao Yai National Park is mainly located, is already famous for having a Tuscan village in its midst with this being Palio Khao Yai – located on Thanarat Road next to Juldis Khao Yai Resort and Spa.

The buildings were designed in the walking street style. There are small shops in antique Italian-styled architecture along the way with various kinds of products for sale and each shop has been created in a particular style. There are areas for relaxation as well; such as small parks, fountains, multi-purpose open spaces for performances and other activities.


Top: The disused Airbus is getting a new lease on life as a restaurant-cum-coffee-shop. Photo: PostToday

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