THAI client told refund delay indefinite, claims total 100 billion baht

A FACEBOOK user wrote about a shocking incident last Monday (May 25) because Thai Airways International told him the soonest he could get a refund on his air ticket is six months but it is also uncertain how long the delay could be as claims now total over 100 billion baht, reported today (27.5.2020).

This member of the social media platform mentioned that he was owed 35,000 baht which was what he paid for a return air ticket to Japan. He added that he had waited 60 days before calling the airline a second time to ask for the refund.

This time he was told that he would have to wait at least 180 days, or an unknown period beyond that, because right now refund claims by clients had reached over 100 billion baht and THAI did not as yet have any cash to pay because it was not getting any income from flights.

The Facebook member added that the THAI staff also told him that the airline was entering rehabilitation of its business through bankruptcy proceedings and debts to clients were going to be restructured and that was why the management could not refund air tickets right now.

The airline also could not promise when it would be able to find the money to pay back ticket buyers.

This post attracted a lot of attention from netizens, getting 2,600 emoticon clicks and shared 1,200 times.

Netizens mostly either asked their friends whether they had got their refund or told them to accept the loss and consider it as making merit.

Others said even though this was not good news but at least THAI staff had frankly said that they did not have any money.


Top: Clients of Thai Airways International throng one of the airline’s offices. Thai-language headline says, “Clients waiting for refund ‘100 billion’.” Photo:

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