Pattaya slashes prices to draw Thai tourists

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

HOTELS, RESTAURANTS and spa parlours in Pattaya will offer a 50% price cut for Thai visitors as part of a concerted plan to promote the beach resort city’s tourist industry.

Pinnart Charoenphon, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Pattaya branch office, confirmed today (June 19) more than 100 hotels, restaurants and spa parlours throughout Pattaya will collect only half the regular prices for hotel rooms, food and spa parlours where massaging is provided, beginning on July 15 until December 24.

The TAT has coordinated with the Thai Hotels Association’s Eastern Chapter and the Association of Chonburi Attractions for the 50% price cut provided for Thai guests and customers at those hotels, restaurants and spa parlours, Pinnart said.

Though thousands of people visited the locally-famous Bang Saen beach, about 40 kilometres north of Pattaya, to spend a single holiday earlier this month, not so many have come over to the world-renowned Pattaya since the last several months.

Such steep price cuts for Thai visitors to Pattaya would fairly revive the beach resort city’s pandemic-affected tourist industry particularly during low season, she commented.

Foreign travelers cannot visit Pattaya or any other destinations in Thailand where all airports, including U-tapao airport south of the beach resort city, are temporarily closed to international passenger airliners to stem the pandemic until after the next few months.

That has prompted the TAT to launch tourist campaigns among the Thais instead, according to the tourism agency’s director.


Top: Tourists having enjoying themselves in Pattaya: Photo: Aleksandr Zykov (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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