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33 Thais caught illegally wading across the river to Thailand

Narathiwat – Rangers rounded up 33 Thais who were caught trekking through a shallow point of Sungai Kolok River from Malaysia to Thailand with the whole party being fined for illegal entry and to be quarantined for 14 days, PostToday reported this morning (24.4.2020).

Three companies of rangers who had been ordered by their Task Force Commander Colonel Ekapol Leknok to patrol and waylay any suspects in Bureng community, stretching across three kilometres on the Thai bank of Sungai Kolok River, caught this party of 33 Thais as they were crossing over to Thailand through the natural riverine route.

The suspects were taken to Sungai Kolok border checkpoint for screening and were fined 800 baht each for this misdemeanor. Vehicles were arranged to take them home where provincial authorities would be quarantining them for 14 days.


The party of 33 Thai citizens wading through the river from Malaysia to Thailand and then later collecting money to pay the fine. Photos: PostToday

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