Govt’s new giveaway: 100 minutes of free mobile phone calls for 45 days

IN a new move to reduce the expense for the public during the current coronavirus pandemic the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) joined hands with all mobile phone networks to introduce 100 minutes of free calls for 45 days with registration taking place during May 1-15, PostToday reported this afternoon (20.4.2020). Mr Takorn Tanthasit.

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Local news

Transgender pretty’s house burgled for the third time

LAMENTING his bad luck was well-known “pretty” product presenter Mr Phatrakorn Kamlangsup, or Pippo TV Pool, 35, whose house in Ratttanathibet area of neighbouring Nonthaburi province was burgled for the third time on Sunday, reported today (20.4.2020). When police are arrived they saw clear signs of a rear window of the two-storey wooden house

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