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Transgender pretty’s house burgled for the third time

LAMENTING his bad luck was well-known “pretty” product presenter Mr Phatrakorn Kamlangsup, or Pippo TV Pool, 35, whose house in Ratttanathibet area of neighbouring Nonthaburi province was burgled for the third time on Sunday, Sanook.com reported today (20.4.2020).

When police are arrived they saw clear signs of a rear window of the two-storey wooden house having been pried open from the outside. Stolen was a large bag containing a Buddha image and several amulets worth over 10,000 baht.

Upon being question Phatrakorn said he lived in this house from time to time and frequently came over while mostly residing at a nearby condominium he had rented

He got a shock upon returning on Sunday and seeing that the rear window had been forced open and then grasped that he had been hit again.

During the previous two burglaries he lost his computer notebook and a motorcycle worth tens of thousands baht.

He told police that he realized the economy is not good but the suspected same burglar should find something useful to do or take up a stable job instead of stealing other people’s belongings which is illegal.

He added that everybody is in a bad position right now and he himself is in difficulty having to thriftily live off his savings after losing all his assignments.

He thinks it is the same burglar who has robbed him three times because the criminal knows both his movements and the layout of the house well.

Police detectives are hunting for this burglar by first checking whether the CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood are working and will also question the victim again later.


Phratrakorn and his house which was broken into three times in a row. Thai inset headline says, “Can’t cope anymore.” Photo: Sanook.com


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