Lockdown a boon for Koh Samet

By Peeranut P.,

THE coronavirus pandemic has not just led to eerily deserted cities but has also emptied popular tourist destinations with the ever popular Koh Samet off Rayong coast certainly being among them, reported this week.

An inspection found that the amid the back luck brought on by the lockdown is a glimmer good fortune because it has led to the popular Hat Sai Kaew beach and the others at Ao Luk Yon, Ao Prao and Ao Khai bays having turned ever so beautiful with the seawater now very clear as nature has got an opportunity to recuperate and restore its natural balance.

Resort owners too have got a chance to renovate and improve their dwellings to again receive tourists when the situation returns to normal.

However they do want the pandemic to end quickly as they really need to see a revival of their business because they are now short of funds to support their families.


Koh Samet beaches have not looked this good in years. Photo:


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6 Replies to “Lockdown a boon for Koh Samet

    1. It’s a strange new world and we have to get used to the new normal but we have our memories of happy days on beautiful beaches.

    2. The worldwide lockdown is like a smash-hit Hollywood movie, so hard to cope with empty cities and beaches, stay home all the time. Miss the sea and the rolling waves.

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