Cash-strapped woman desperately selling car to marry again


ATTRACTING a lot of attention in Rayong today (Nov. 15) is an unusual sign taped to the rear of a sedan parked by the roadside saying the owner urgently wants to sell this vehicle being short of cash to marry again, said.

The sign, put up by Ms. Angsumalin (surname and age withheld), says the price is 90,000 baht and also mentioned her cell phone number.

Angsumalin said she met her new love at work and wants to raise money for the wedding. The stated price could come down further if a good-looking person comes and negotiates.

“The auspicious time for the wedding has passed. I’m just short of money, so I want to sell my car,” she said.

Mr. Nipon (surname withheld), 52, said he was drawn to the sign and stopped to enquire while thinking that this is a very strange sale and also curious who is going to be her new husband.

Angsumalin pointed out that women in this era should marry twice to rule the world, if men can do it so can women, while urging someone to quickly buy her car because her boyfriend is waiting,


Angsumalin with her car that displays the usually frank for sale sign. Photos:

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