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Internet abuzz over electric motorbike catching fire


AS photos of an electric motorcycle catching fire at Kasetsart University this morning (Oct. 19) went viral on social media platforms, a lot of Thai netizens commented that this was why they don’t dare ride one, said.

Photos of this electric motorbike ablaze were shared multiple times after JS100 Radio posted them at 9.37 a.m. with a message that the vehicle was on fire at this university.

Thai cyber surfers quickly shared them, tagging their friends to have a look, with this leading to lots of comments and aside from the majority saying fear of such a fire erupting is what keeps them away from these electric motorcycles, others said they were horrified with a few mentioning it is like a scene from the movie Ghost Rider.


The electric motorcycle ablaze and after the fire was put out at Kasetsart University this morning, Oct. 19, 2023. Photos: JS100 Radio and shared by

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