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Camera server unplugged moments before policeman was shot dead at party


PARTIAL RETRIEVAL of video clips from the  last two of 15 surveillance cameras at a former village headman’s house where a policeman was shot dead during a party there last week shows the wet server was unplugged moments before shots were fired but replugged a little later, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (Sep. 15).

Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, nicknamed Big Joke, and investigators at Mueang Nakhon Pathom police station said while video clips from the last two cameras had not been fully retrieved because the server was thrown into the canal after Pol. Maj. Siwakorn Saibua was shot dead and  Pol. Lt. Col. Wasin Panpee injured during this party, these clips showed the cameras stopped working just before shots were fired.

These cameras at the house of Mr. Praween Chanklai, or Kamnan Nok, 34, started running again after the policeman was killed, clearly indicating that someone had unplugged the server during the shooting then replugged it after the crime was committed.

Praween’s subordinate, Mr. Thananchai Manmak, or Nong Thapha, 45, had fled after the shooting but was tracked down in Kanchanaburi where he was shot dead in an exchange of gunfire with police.

Mueang Nakhon Pathom police station investigators today arrested Mr. Prasong Saikraika, a security guard at Praween’s house together with a 9mm pistol that belongs to a municipal councillor who was allowed to carry it.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate told Hon Krasae TV programme that video clips from 13 surveillance cameras showed who all were present at the party and the situation before and after the murder. He was able to see who was doing what out there and who had given false testimony as well as how Praween had prompted his subordinates before shots were fired.

However he confirmed that while video clips of the last two cameras were partly salvaged they stopped running just before the shooting occurred because someone had unplugged the server with this showing that preparations were made to kill the policeman.


Top: A composite photo showing policemen discussing this murder case, left, and Mr. Praween Chanklai’s house right. Credit: Matichon

Front Page: Mr. Praween Chanklai’s security guard Mr. Prasong Saikraika being arrested today. Photo: Matichon

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