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Update: 4 policemen face arrest in colleague’s murder


A HIGH-RANKING police officer said this afternoon (Sep. 9) that forensic examination of the pistol used to kill a policeman at a party in a former village headman’s house in Nakhon Pathom showed it is a police weapon and four police officers who were among several others who attended the event face arrest, Amarin TV said.

The high-ranking police officer said the evidence of the pistol used by Mr. Thananchai Manmak, or Nong Thapha, 45, a subordinate of former village headman Mr. Praween Chanklai, or Kamnan Nok, 34, to kill Pol. Maj. Siwakorn Saibua, or Inspector Siew, belonging to a policeman was submitted to court in applying for arrest warrant to apprehend the four policemen suspected of involvement.

Altogether 23 policemen and 10 civilians have been separately questioned by police so far.

One of them, Praween’s worker, got stressed out and in tears confessed that he had buried the pistol next to a canal where police then found the fireman.

A little further off they also found the server for the surveillance cameras at Praween’s house buried by the same canal.


Top: A policeman questioning the former village headman’s worker with the pistol found buried next to the canal inset.

Front Page: The police team investigating this case. Both photos: Amarin TV

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