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Heavy fighting near Mae Sot as Karens attack Myanmar junta base


THE SOUND of heavy gunfire reverberated through the Thai border town of Mae Sot last night (July 17) after Karen National Union (KNU) and People’s Defence Force (PDF) mounted an attack on a Myanmar junta artillery base just across the border, Matichon newspaper said.

As Myanmar junta troops at this artillery base opposite Mahawan and Thai Sai Luat subdistricts, Mae Sot district, fought back against the attempted takeover KNU and PDF fighters continuously fired K120mm and K122mm mortars at their positions.

The sound of heavy fighting was even heard in Mae Sot town with Ratchamanu task force headquartered here patrolling the border to prevent forces from either side from crossing over.

Despite the heavy battle no mortars fell on the Thai side.


The Thai-Myanmar border close to where fierce fighting is taking place. Photos: Matichon

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