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Young Thai man’s toilet-pinning app goes viral


A BRIGHT YOUNG Thai man has created a useful app where users can pin public toilets in various areas for others to find and use in an emergency after having direct experience searching for one in the summer heat, TV Channel 7 said today (Apr. 8).

Facebook user Mr. Settasit Settagaroon wrote about two emergencies that led to creating “Khee: Pin a Toilet” app with this post having gone viral on Thai social media.

The first one occurred on February 15 when he and his friend took a van from Victory Monument to Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, to have a snack with another friend studying there.

As soon as they reached his friend said he desperately had to go to the toilet. However there were no signs showing the way. He checked on Google maps and this showed that the nearest public restroom was a kilometre away.

At that moment his friend said it would be good if there was an app to find toilets and Settasit replied that it made sense.

They finally found one in the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy building.

Settasit said he then forgot about this idea until March 5 when he and his friend got off at Wat Phra Si Mahathat station and this time it was he who had to quickly go to a public restroom. Searching Google maps showed there was one at a shopping mall 600 metres away – which is a long walk in the afternoon heat. Finally he used the bathroom at a noodle shop.

However the idea of creating an app to find public toilets again cropped up and upon returning home he spent the rest of his summer holiday studying how to write an app for both Android and iOS so that people could find the nearest one without having to ask.

This app allows users to create an account and be a hero by pinning toilets for others to find. They are free to create a username and biography with their registration email being kept confidential.

This post has been shared over 10,000 times by Thai netizens with Khee: Pin a Toilet app available on both Apple and Google Play stores.


Screengrab images of Khee: Pin a Toilet app from Settasit Settagaroon’s Facebook page and published by TV Channel 7

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