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Commoners Party – the country’s only camp with lone constituency-based candidate


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE COMMONERS PARTY has become the country’s only camp to send a lone candidate running for MP in constituency-based mode for the May 14 general election.

The lone Commoners contender vying in constituency-based mode, namely Suradej Kaewkalaya, applied today (Apr.4) only to enable six other candidates of the same camp to run in party-listed mode.

The election law calls for a party to send at least one candidate contesting in constituency-based mode in the first place so that a list of others may run in party-listed mode.

Suradej, known as a political and social activist who is contesting Constituency 4 of Khon Kaen which locates his home district of Nam Pong, was a desperate also-ran for MP of the northeastern province in the 2019 general election.

Vying in party-listed mode among five other running mates is Commoners secretary-general Suriya Saengkaewfun, also known as a political and social activist.

In the previous election, the Khon Kaen-based Commoners secured some 5,000 votes from constituents nationwide.


Commoners Party’s sole constituency-mode candidate Suradej Kaewkalaya giving the three-finger salute and showing his application form. Photos: Matichon

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