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Suchart has now jumped onto Pheu Thai bandwagon


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FORMER FIRST DEPUTY House speaker Suchart Tancharoen has finally jumped onto the Pheu Thai bandwagon to contest the May 14 general election, a partisan source confirmed today (Mar.28).

Suchart is running for MP in Pheu Thai party-listed mode whilst his son, namely Sakchai Tancharoen, had earlier joined the same party.

Given Chachoengsao as Suchart’s base of popular support, Sakchai is vying in one of the eastern province’s four constituencies under the tickets of the Pheu Thai where deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is invariably viewed as de facto party boss.

Suchart has appeared to be the latest prominent figure skipping over from the Palang Pracharath to the Pheu Thai to seek re-election under the tickets of the latter which is looking to score a landslide victory and become core of a post-election government.

Sam Mit Group leaders Somsak Thepsuthin and Suriya Juangroongruangkit have recently resigned as justice minister and industry minister respectively and joined ranks in Thaksin’s camp where some former MPs under their command, mostly having represented upper-central constituencies, had earlier hopped over from Prawit’s camp.


Former first deputy House speaker Suchart Tancharoen. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: INN News

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