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Taiwanese actress denies drinking alcohol, confirms payoff


A TAIWANESE actress who accused Huai Kwang police of extorting 27,000 baht at a checkpoint during her New Year holiday visit to Bangkok today (Jan. 27) denied having consumed alcohol while sticking by her shakedown allegation despite denials, Matichon newspaper said.

An Yu-Qing, whose English name is Charlene An, also said in new posts on Instagram that she had contacted Interpol to help investigate the matter.

Meanwhile the private hire vehicle driver told police that he had picked up the actress and her three male friends at Royal City Avenue (RCA) with the destination being an entertainment complex in Huai Kwang district but they ran into the checkpoint before they got there.

He added that they were all intoxicated and rowdy and she was talking loudly all the way. Police asked politely asked to check but she replied loudly and there was miscommunication. 

He added that he was there for around an hour.

Police are now tracking the second taxi driver who later drove Charlene and her friends back to their accommodation for questioning.

Despite the seven police officers at the checkpoint having denied taking a bribe, Charlene retorted today that the Thai police were trying to head off the accusations and that she could point out the policeman who took the money.

She added that there were not just seven policemen as all roads were closed that day and there were no random checks.

She defied police to show CCTV clips to prove that they did not take the bribe.

Charlene also said that the policemen had dropped some other person’s E-cigarettes near her then told her to pick them up and she was unknowingly photographed.


Top and Front Page: Taiwanese actress Charlene An who claims paying off Thai police to be set free.

Insert: The private hire vehicle driver who gave his account to the police today. All photos: Matichon

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