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Amnesty urges Thai govt to help stop bloodshed in Myanmar

AN AMNESTY International Thailand team this morning (Oct. 16) marched to the UN building on Ratchadamnoen Nok road and submitted a letter in which the Thai government was asked to help stop the bloodshed in Myanmar as host of the 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit that starts today and ends on Saturday Oct. 19, Matichon newspaper said.

Mrs. Nalinee Mahakhan, director of the People Service Centre, received Amnesty International Thailand’s letter in which Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai were urged to implement four demands as follows:

– The Thai government should use every possible means to create a safe environment for access to humanitarian assistance across the border;

– Thai authorities were urged to work with Asean member states, multilateral groups and international organisations such as the United Nations to address the human rights and humanitarian crises in Myanmar;

– Accept asylum seekers and ensure access to humanitarian assistance while in Thailand, as well as refrain from deporting them. They should be protected and not prosecuted during their stay here;

– Thai state agencies were urged to issue announcements, regulations or ministerial regulations to ensure that businessmen and state enterprises follow the UN Principles on Business and Human Rights and not have any links with the Myanmar army, its affiliates and human rights violators while being fully responsible for this.

Ms. Piyanuch Kotsan, Amnesty International Thailand director, said nearly two years after the coup over  1.4 million people have been displaced in Myanmar, another 12,839 were detained in inhumane conditions, and at least 73 were on death row, four of whom have been executed. 

Moreover 7.8 million children have left school while the Myanmar army has killed hundreds of protesters and ordinary citizens with thousands more having died in armed conflict that erupted across the country.

“The Myanmar Army ignores calls to respect human rights. It also ignores Asean’s Five-Point Consensus  (5PC) which  the Myanmar army promised to implement in April 2021 but failed to do so and failed to stop the Myanmar army’s increasing human rights violations against the people,” the letter said.

The Thai authorities, as an Asean member state and as host of the Apec summit, must take urgent action to stop human rights violations in Myanmar, the letter added.


Members of Amnesty International Thailand marched to the UN building to submit a letter urging the Thai government to help stop the bloodshed in Myanmar. Photos: Matichon


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