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Police offer cash reward to catch gold shop robber


AYUTTHAYA police have offered a 20,000 baht reward to help catch a gold shop robber who made off with 95 baht weight in gold jewellery worth over 2.8 million baht late last week with the wanted man being knowledgeable in the way police work, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Nov. 8).

On Nov. 4 the male thief, who was wearing a helmet, single-handedly raided a gold shop at Lotus Department Store, Sena branch. He used a firearm to shoot the showcase and swept the large amount of gold jewellery and dashed out. Before leaving the store he placed a fake bomb there to threaten the others and also delay the police.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Chayanon Meesati, head of Ayutthaya provincial police, said meetings are being held everyday to summarise progress in this case. All collected evidence has been sent for forensic examination and surveillance camera clips thoroughly examined.

However the information remains the same with there being a description of the robber and the vehicle he used but his identity cannot be confirmed.

Police have checked suspects with criminal backgrounds and carefully inspected the area around the crime scene. The helmet the robber wore was purchased from a local shop while the jacket was purchased online.

Police are now offering 20,000 baht to anyone helping arrest this robber. Those who suspect someone might be involved are urged to call Sena police station at 035-201683 or 191.

Police investigation team said CCTV footage shows that the robber escaped from the back of the shopping mall and zipped down Ayutthaya-Sena Sai Nai road heading for Wat Bang Pla Mo. At the intersection he headed towards this temple and Ayutthaya-Sena road and disappeared.

Police have checked both routes and have not found the motorcycle. They suspect the robber might have switched to another vehicle and all types travelling on the two routes during the time of his escape are being checked. He might have also driven his motorcycle onto an auto carrier and slipped away.


Pol Maj. Gen. Chayanon Meesati, left, and the gold shop robber, right. Photo: Thai Rath

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