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Woman taken for a ride by well-known Sattahip garage


A WOMAN filed a complaint against a well-known garage in Sattahip district of Chonburi province that failed to complete repairing her sedan in over seven months and upon checking found that many parts are missing, Sanook.com said this evening (Nov. 2).

Ms. Dares (surname withheld), 35, said she gave her white Toyota sedan to be repaired at this district’s leading garage located at kilometre six last April.

The garage owner said he would have to send a part of the engine for repair in Bangkok but after over seven months she could no longer contact the mechanic by phone. 

She then came to the garage where her car was still parked but many parts had gone missing.

After that she went to Phlu Ta Luang police station to file a complaint but after doing so the policeman who wrote it down forbade her from discussing this case with the media.

However as she felt that by keeping quiet others would be similarly ripped off she did publicise it so that the mechanic does not continue swindling.


The woman who was ripped off by a garage where her sedan was not repaired for over seven months. Photos: Sanook.com

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