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Motorist fuming after road repair crew splashes asphalt on his car

A YOUNG MAN whose car got badly splashed with asphalt as he drove past a renovation site last night is asking who is going to be responsible for the damage after the repair team chief had quickly fled, Sanook.com reported today (Oct. 4, 2020).

Facebook member Kiratikorn Sukserm posted photos of his damaged sedan at 1.32 p.m. today and said after his car got badly splashed with asphalt he parked it and went to talk to the man who was driving the sprayer, but he told him to go talk to his chief. However when he approached the chief, he quickly drove away.

He added that the troublesome road repair work is taking place on the inbound side of road 345, Bang Khu Wat district in Pathum Thani province and that whoever passes this spot at midnight gets hit, but that he got more severely hit than the others.

Kiratikorn went and reported the damage to the police station with the policemen acknowledging that several cars passing through this route had got similarly splashed with asphalt.

Netizens heavily criticised the contractor for not implementing preventive measures and not showing any responsibility for the damage caused to motorists.


Top: Kiratikorn’s sedan with asphalt all over it. Thai headline a, “like this who is responsible?” Photo: Sanook.com


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