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Drug-crazed man stabs four guards at shopping mall

THE man who stabbed four guards at The Mall department store Ngamwongwan branch at 8 p.m. last evening was high on drugs and hallucinating with this confirmed by a urine test, Thai Rath reported today (Oct. 4. 2020).

Pol. Lt. Col. Uthen Hongthong, an investigator at Muang Nonthaburi police station, said the suspect, Mr. Wanchai Boonruang, 33, was still hallucinating when he questioned him and sometimes joked around with the interrogation lasting an hour.

The suspect revealed that after being released from prison he went to stay with relatives in Lampang province and heavily used drugs for several days.

After that he decided to come to Bangkok to see his mother. However upon reaching Bang Sue district he could not remember where she lived, so got on a minibus and then got off in front of this mall.

Just then he thought some people were about to attack him so he rushed into the store, shirtless with his knife drawn, and when the guards stopped him attacked them.

Pol. Col. Sihadet Sarakopkaew, head of this police station, said urine test had confirmed that the suspect had taken drugs and was hallucinating and believed he was being attacked. All four guards are still at Nonthavej Hospital with one of them, Mr. Nuntee Arjasa, 32, being in serious condition as he was stabbed in his right lung.


Top: The suspect who was high on drugs being questioned by a police officer. Photo: Thai Rath


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