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Driver flees blazing car after crash

POLICE are searching for the owner of an Opel sedan who was seen in a surveillance camera clip fleeing  after miraculously getting out of his vehicle that caught fire moments after he had smashed it against a road barrier, Thai Rath newspaper reported this morning (Oct. 5, 2020).

Pol. Lt. Col. Wuttikorn Yuensuk, an investigator at Petchkasem station, rushed to scene of the accident at the U-turn under the bridge over Khlong Phasi Charoen, outbound Kanchanaphisek road, at 12.40 a.m. after calling in a fire engine and rescuers from Po Tek Tung Foundation.

It took the firemen half an hour to put out the car blaze, and while it was still apparent it was an Opel, the model was no longer distinguishable, but registered in Bangkok.

An eyewitness, Mr. Navi Bunthiam, 23, auto accessories technician, said he heard an explosion and came out of his room to have a look and saw that the sedan was already ablaze.

A surveillance camera clip shows that the car got badly damaged after hitting a road barrier and then moved hundred metres spilling oil all the way after which it caught fire. The driver managed to quickly get out and then fled.

Police are searching for the driver to question him about the cause of the vehicle fire.


Top: The sedan ablaze a little after midnight last night. Composite photo: Thai Rath


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