10-day-old baby drowns after mum faints while bathing her


TRAGEDY struck a family in Trang after a 10-day-old baby girl drowned in a basin of water while being bathed by her mother who suddenly fainted, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Nov. 2).

Pol. Lt. Col.Kaewalin Chairat, deputy chief for investigation at Mueang Trang police station, rushed to the house where the baby, Sophia, had drowned and found her lying motionless on the bed.

The baby’s family were in deep sorrow while a nurse and a doctor examined her mother, Ms Nuanchan Sangkhachot, or Nong Mai, 24, and found that she was in normal condition.

Nualchan said she fainted but did not know how long she was unconscious, however it was at least 15 minutes, and when she regained consciousness and realised she was in the bathroom she quickly checked her baby and found her lying sideways in the basin. She picked up the infant but found that she was not breathing so called for an ambulance and alerted her family.

Rescuers quickly rushed there and gave her cardiopulmonary resuscitation but to no avail. She was taken to Trang Hospital but the doctors there too could not save her life.

Nualchan said she had two daughters, the older one is now four years old while Sophia was born only 10 days ago.

Prior to the tragedy she had taken Sophia to see off her father, who is a conscripted soldier stationed at Thepstri Si Sunthon Camp in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

During the trip she felt dizzy and almost fainted but upon returning home she decided to give Sophia a bath with the water in the basin reaching Sophia’s waist while she was squatting beside her.

“Today I went to send my husband to serve in the military and the weather was very hot, plus I had just given birth and felt dizzy, but I did not think it would lead to this.

“I would like to warn women who have just given birth to please take good care of your health and if you feel unwell don’t keep quiet about it, alert someone close by or see a doctor,” she said.

Mr. Anan Sangkhachot, 60, a motorcycle taxi rider, and Nualchan’s father, said there are about seven to eight people living in his house. 

However no one was home when Nualchan returned with both him and his wife running errands while the others were either at school or at work. The nearest neighbour is also 500 metres away.

While his daughter could not say how long she  was unconscious, he mentioned that at 2.30 p.m. she had sent a Line message and at 3.30 p.m. called for an ambulance.

Preliminary autopsy showed no signs of abuse and as the family was not interested in determining the cause of death no thorough autopsy was carried out. Sophia’s body was kept at Trang Hospital for one night after that given to her family for funeral service.


Ms Nuanchan Sangkhachot whose 10-day-old daughter Sophia drowned when she fainted while giving her a bath. Photo: Thai Rath

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