New booze regulation comes into effect tomorrow


THE ROYAL Gazette has published a ministerial regulation on loosening control over liquor production with this coming into force the very next day, that is tomorrow Nov. 2, 2022, Naewna newspaper said this evening.

Ministerial regulation B.E.2565 (2022) was approved by the cabinet this morning as proposed by the Finance Ministry with this amending ministerial regulation B.E. 2560 (2017).

The aim is to increase competition and improve procedures on obtaining licence for both non-commercial and commercial liquor production.

The new regulation will also improve tax collection and quality control thus ensuring a standard of production.

The following are the key points of the new regulation:

1) Open opportunity for small community liquor producers allowed to use maximum five horsepower machinery and employ fewer than seven workers to expand to the mid-level utilising machinery of five to maximum 50 horsepower and able to employ more than seven workers but not more than 50.

However only those community liquor producers who have held a licence to distil liquor for at least one year and have never committed an offence under the excise law may expand. If they had violated other laws they should have been cleared for at least one year.

Their machinery and equipment must meet official standards and comply with applicable environmental and public health laws.

2) Cancellation of the minimum production capacity and registered capital for brewing beer for sale at both brewpubs and large breweries. Previously brewpubs were required to maintain 100,000-litre a year minimum production capacity with the maximum being one million litres.

Where large breweries are concerned, the production capacity was set at minimum 10 million litres per year and the registered capital at least 10 million baht.

Brewpubs brewing beer for sale must use machinery and equipment that meet official standards and comply with applicable environmental and public health laws.

3) Allowing people at least 20 years of age and juristic persons to apply for non-commercial liquor production licence with exchange or other reciprocal benefits banned. The volume of production must not exceed 200 litres a year.

Their facility must be spacious enough to produce liquor without harming or annoying others. They also must not use the facility of other licensees and be mindful of alcohol consumption safety and the environment.


Top: Man drawing a beer from a tap in a pub. Photo: Getty Images and published by BBC

Front Page: Friends clicking glasses of beer. Photo: Getty Images and published by BBC

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