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Donations pour in for red shirt member after he punched up Srisuwan


AFTER Mr. Weerawit Rungruengsiriphon, or Uncle Sak, 62, punched up Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution, in front of the media at the Central Investigation Bureau headquarters today (Oct. 18) he later said a lot of people donated money to help him with legal trouble, Matichon newspaper said.

Just as Srisuwan was telling the media in front of the police headquarters that he is going ask the police to investigate Mr. Udom Taepanich, or Nos, who runs the solo talk show Microphone 13 for allegedly mocking the government, Weerawit, a member of the Red Shirt Sakdina Group against Dictatorship and operator of Sakdina Red Shirts channel, walked up and punched and kicked him.

Srisuwan’s driver then held Weerawit in a neck hold and only released him after woman there pulled his hair and warned him that he is 62 years old.

Upon arriving home Weerawit said he had made an appointment to meet a woman at Victory Monument and then the two of them rode a motorcycle to the police headquarters. Once there he slowly moved up to Srisuwan as he was giving an interview to reporters and then punched and kicked him.

He admitted the method he used against Srisuwan was not correct but that he had once slapped Mr. Seksakon Atthawong, a red-shirt turncoat popularly known as Rambo Isan, and he kept quiet after that.

He added that the reason he beat up Srisuwan was because after the Constitutional Court had ruled that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has not as yet completed his eight-year tenure and is legally allowed to assume the top government post until 2025, Srisuwan had said that he would report anyone rallying to the police and get them arrested.

While he was livestreaming many people called in to ask whether he had been hurt by the driver and gave him encouragement.

Several messages had also been posted on the chat board saying that they had transferred money to help him in case he is prosecuted with Weerawit also mentioning while livestreaming that a few lawyers had also contacted him offering to help.


Above and Front Page: Mr. Weerawit Rungruengsiriphon punching and kicking Mr. Srisuwan Chanya and then held in a neck hold by the latter’s driver. Photos: Matichon

Watch Voice TV video clip of the incident:

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