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Signs appear in Hat Yai mourning all parties in this govt over drug problem

AFTER the mass killing of 36 small children and adults at Nong Bua Lamphu province last week, two large signs appeared at Hat Yai city in southern Songkhla province slamming all political parties in the government over the widespread narcotics problem, Amarin TV said today (Oct. 12).

Both billboards say, “Hat Yai people are sad and deeply mourn all political parties in this government. Go review all types of narcotics,”

One sign was posted on the fence of the State Railway of Thailand boundary and the other on the fence of Hat Yai municipality water pumping station. Both signs are near the entrance of Kanlayanamit tunnel leading to Choksaman 5 road and attracted the attention of road users.

Food vendors in the area said the two vinyl billboards appeared two days ago and they did not know who put them up as when they came to open their stalls in the morning they were already there.

However they had noticed that there is a severe drug problem around Choksaman 5 and Rattana Uthit roads just two kilometres from Hat Yai police station. 

Both methamphetamine pills (yaba) and crystal methamphetamine (Ice) have spread in this area leading to frequent robberies, they said, adding just a few days ago a man delivering water at noon was chased by teenagers who took his vehicle and up to now he has not got it back.

They urged relevant government agencies to seriously solve the drug problem in this Hat Yai community. While police checkpoints are set up daily to maintain strict traffic control the drug problem remains rampant.


The large roadside signs put up in Hat Yai blasting all parties in the current government over the drug problem. The Thai headline says, “Can’t tolerate anymore.” Photos: Amarin TV

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